CareWays Collaborative subverts the traditional medical mission model by designing, executing, and supporting education and training programs in complete partnership with local medical teams.

Promoting a Collaborative Approach to Learning

The CareWays curriculum addresses all aspects of pediatric care from diagnosis to surgery to intensive care and eventually home. Guided by the principle of progressive autonomy, CareWays teams deliver a multi-modal and hands-on education including training, practice, guided discovery, demonstration, and simulation, in a developmental and scaffolded fashion building toward autonomy, mastery, and independence.

Promoting a Collaborative Approach to Working

CareWays’ team of pediatric surgeons, intensive care specialists, nurses, respiratory therapists, and speech and language experts work side-by-side with local hospital practitioners to understand local needs and expertise, and to collaborate closely in the development and execution of the surgical plan.

 Focusing on the
“Culture of Care”

Central to the success and uniqueness of the CareWays curriculum and approach is the focus on both the quality and culture of care that is delivered. Decisions around treatment and recovery plans and their execution are shared by all with equal voice, breaking down and flattening the traditional hierarchy and silos that exist in many surgical suites. CareWays Collaborative is extending these educational, communication, and cultural initiatives to the entire spectrum of care: from home to hospital, to home again.

Creating Replicable and
Scalable Programs

Critically, this approach develops and supports sustainable programs, where local pediatric healthcare teams adopt practices that will continue long after the CareWays team is no longer present.