CareWays Collaborative, Inc. was formed in May 2021 when a group of Boston-based healthcare professionals, who had completed several medical trips together in the past, decided to create a new non-profit that could develop a revolutionary approach to care in under-resourced communities.

Inspired by the medical teams
in each of their host countries, these Massachusetts General Brigham (MGB) and Mass Eye & Ear (MEE) doctors and nurses developed an approach to medical care, practice, and training that deeply engaged and involved their hosts in the process.

Unlike more traditional missions
these doctors actively encouraged a process of “flattening the hierarchy” and “progressive autonomy” where all stakeholders—from doctors and nurses to patients and families—worked together as peers with the shared goal of returning healthy patients back home.
Having achieved reductions of mortality of five percent by training the physicians, nurses, and staff in one hospital in one country in one particular area of care, the team proposes to save exponentially more lives by scaling their collaboration across multiple hospitals, countries, care teams, and areas of care. The founders decided it was time to use what they had learned in their Operation Airways program to develop an independent organization (CareWays Collaborative) that could work directly with healthcare systems in under-resourced countries to develop the best possible care for their patients: From home to hospital to home again.

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